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Tales of Arpegy Vol. 4

by The Toadz

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Memoirs 01:40
"The old wizard sat down to write a letter to his last apprentice. A letter of wisdom and encouragement, for he fears he might not return alive from his ultimate journey."
"A long time ago, Mywë offered to the Olàns tribe a Gaoku Tree. The place where they planted it became a sacred site, strong in ethereal forces. Many have come by night to simply admire the beauty of the grove. Yelandyr the Wise himself is said to visit this place often."
The Tunnel 02:54
"The Kreshik station was once a flourishing port city but centuries of war and pollution turned it into a desert wasteland. It has become a meeting point for all sorts of sleazy adventurers and treasure hunters. Somehow there is a glimpse of hope, for there is good to be found in the most unexpected places."
"The bards of Arpegy long sang the fables of Yelendyr the Wise. Although he was benevolent, he was hidden by an aura of mystery. He went through the war of the three dragons and the invasion of the Kryeks from the north. His apprentices now peacefully live in the tower on the hill and continue to watch over the village of Cormyr."
"Ages ago lived Mywë, one of the great Kings of the settlers Age. He was to bring beauty and wisdom to the world. He wrote several psalms and hymns that still inspire and encourage people to this day."
"A strange glow has been emanating at night from the old forest north of Cormyr for some days now. The rumor is that the tomb of Azeth-Kar that lies in the middle of the forest have been desecrated. Yelendyr himself had sealed the tomb with his power but now that he's gone, the ancient enemy could relive again with the help of his minions. The villagers went to seek Yelendyr's apprentices, Elmyr and Aelasyr, but they were nowhere to be found."
"It is said that on a certain night, the ghost of an old wizard appears over the 13th grave from the right. Seems like he betrayed his old master and he is now cursed. He wants to free his soul but the problem is he was cursed, and only an adventurer pure of heart will be able to help him find resting peace."
The Olandyr 02:00
"The olandyr was the royal messenger. He ride on the back of one of the royal ravens. The most famous olandyr was Kelivan, who had to deliver a crucial message that would allow to win the war. His raven was killed by an arrow and he fell. Kelivan survived and ran the remaining distance by foot."
"The city of Kzu-Ta-Râh was beautifully and masterfully crafted on the side of mount Râh. For several centuries, dwarfs were living in peace, perfecting their art and craftsmanship. The entrance was guarded by two giants statues of Eakonias and Ekisoz, the ancient dwarven kings, founders of the city."
"After a long walk on the narrow path of the rocky landscape of Rivanea, we finally arrived at the door of Ka-Rù, the old dwarven monastery. The door was not very tall, but beautyfully crafted and decorated with ancient glowing runes that were only visible at night. The only inhabitant was Akryon Silverbeard, the last guardian of his order."
"A long time ago, a sorcerer conspired to usurp the throne of Arsveld IV, king of Moralia. A great war broke out, and the king was defeated. Kuri-Baï Kahn, the last of the Wyrms, entered into a great fury, for she was a great friend of the king. After having fought and exterminated a large part of the enemy army, she came face to face with the sorcerer. The latter could not bear her wrath. Her fire consumed him entirely, and his bones were never found. She disappeared after the battle and was never seen again."
"Turodin was a great city ruled by three men known as the Ertus Conciliam. Three incredibly grand and ornately decorated towers rose out from the center of the city. Each tower was a place of learning, under the guidance of one of wise men. After the three men died, the city began to decline, as their successors introduced foreign and evil practices into the culture. Over time, the people began to fight each others and their enemies were able to easily defeat them and plunder the city."
"Few mortals ever saw the beautiful sylvan elf sanctuary of Naryë, in the heart of the forest of Balyriah. It is said that Khotar Vatis, a simple mortal, went there before his journey to Elyssar began. He never told what he saw or heard, but it was there that he found the courage and strenght to fulfill his destiny. He became one of the mightiest king of Arpegy."
"No one knows who this man is. Dressed in old, worn clothes, he walks with his dog towards who knows what destination. They are called "The Travelers". It is said that he belonged to an ancient knight order charged with protecting the kings of Moralia, but this order was destroyed 300 years ago. How would that be possible? It must be, for he bears the mark. I know, for I have seen it."
"The villagers were terrified by rumours of a dangerous creature lurking in the Mahora forest. After days of research, we found ruins of an ancient city. A temple was still standing in the midst of the ruins. What we found there was beyond terrifying, and I alone was able to escape the lair of the Manticore."
"At the age of 156, Mywë married Evy, the most beautiful elf queen of the settler age. She was strong and wise. She gave birth to five children, three sons and two daughters. They became famous heroes of the past, founders of their own nation."
"The apprentice knelt down to meditate and recall his journey, from his early childhood until today. The long hours of training, the prayers at dawn and the initiation into the ancient elemental arts. He is now ready to pass the last trial. He climbed the stairs to the Temple of Trials, unaware of what awaits him, hidden in the shadows."
Resilience 03:03
The Ritual 03:16
"Long ago, coalition forces brought down the army of Kre-Tzoyl. Rumors have it that necromancers try to find the place where the bones of the Dark Lord were buried in order to resuscitate him. They search for cursed artifacts in order to perform their ritual. We must stop them at all costs."
"The last son of Timbur had survived the slaughter of the royal family. One of the king's former knights took the child with him and took care of him as his own. He taught him the art of fighting, and the virtue of the order of the Knights of Moralia. They have been living in hiding since then, but the time has come for Andrew to face his destiny and reclaim his father's throne."
"Myra was facing the celestial beast. Her heart was beating intensely. No one had ever been able to approach Yelmahir, the wolf lord. His fellows were hunted for the magical properties of their magnificent furs. She attempted to approach him several times, but the wolf was fearful. He eventually accepted her friendship, for the hour was dark, and he knew that they would be called upon to pursue a perilous quest. They became great friends and lived many adventures together."


This is a compilation album of the music I published monthly on my Patreon (now closed). The tracks were published in 2020.


released May 1, 2021

Music by Pascal Belisle

Artwork cover by Philipp A. Urlich, @somartist. www.deviantart.com/somatonic


all rights reserved



The Toadz Saint Cyrille De Wendover, Québec

Synthphonic music inspired by fantasy litterature, video game soundtrack and even a touch of progressive rock!

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